About Us

Lakeside Public School is a Kindergarten to Grade 8 school located in South Ajax and draws students from the surrounding neighborhood. Our school population is 300 students supported by 24 educators and support staff. Our staff are committed to high levels of student achievement, creating a safe and inclusive learning environment and improving student learning through collaboration, reflection and ongoing refinement of pedagogical practice. We focus on putting faces on our data and action planning during monthly intervention meetings that focus on analyzing assessment data, gap closing and differentiation. Staff work collaboratively to plan, assess and teach.

Our students are also supported by a strong School Community Council, who provide funding and a variety of opportunities for students to engage in curriculum related activities. Our focus continues to be balanced literacy and numeracy programming and assessment, innovation to improve student achievement and well-being, as well as the creation of a collaborative culture and deepening our knowledge of our students, staff and families. At Lakeside Public School, everyone matters. We are proud of our students and staff and look forward to seeing everyone, everyday!